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Program Features

Two time spans of MBA programs: One-year and four month intensive MBA program (General track, Corporate Sponsor track) or two-year MBA program (Dual Degree track) with more academic contents.

Applicants can choose a program best fit to oneself. SBS offers three tracks and two majors so that you can make your own MBA study plan within 6 combinations.

Specialized training by track

 The SBS sets up the following three specialized tracks, depending on requirements, in order to fully meet trainees' needs: an general track for those who want to have knowledge for business administration and have opportunities to get a job in a business field ; a corporate sponsor track for corporate employees in cooperation between the academia and industries; a dual degree track for MBA candidates.

Specialized training by major area

The course works are segmented into two concentration areas: management, and finance in order to respond to the demand for business experts in management, and finance.

All Lectures are conducted in English

The SBS provides lectures in English for all of the required courses. Foreigners whose native language is not Korean, can learn with Korean students and finish all MBA requirements.  In class, case studies on international corporations are also emphasized in order to help learners acquire global business sense and adapt to the internationalized corporate environments.


Students in SIMBA are required to earn a minimum of 45 credits for the degree within one year and four month program duration. In the first year, students take 13 core courses in business and 1 core course for english communication skill. These courses are well defined in our MBA programs. In the second year, students have opportunities to choose 1 among 3 courses (knowledge-based community service, group project and business case writing). During summer and winter breaks, elective courses are offered by invited faculty from overseas universities, SBS has been successful in inviting faculty from world renowned MBA programs at overseas universities.

In the SIMBA program, there are 3 different tracks (General, Corporate sponsor, and Dual degree) that are designed to serve various needs of students. General Track is designed to enable students to have knowledge in up-to-date business area to become a well-prepared entry level manager and to extend the opportunities by facilitating a future career change through the knowledge-based community service, group project and business case writing. Corporate sponsor Track is designed to serve students whose studies are sponsored by their own company. The track offers back-to-work internship to promote cooperation between academia and industries by providing students opportunities to resolve on-site issues through applying theories to practical affairs. Dual Degree Track is for students who want to pursue dual degree at oversea institutions.

The program also offers two areas of concentration; General Management and Financial Management. The School encourages students to have internship and operates Career Development Office to provide students information on job and internship opportunities.

SIMBA Curriculum

First Year

1st Semester 
2nd Semester
3rd Semester
4th Semester
Business Economics
(3 credit)
Managerial Accounting
(1.5 credit)
International Business
(3 credit)

Company Visit
(1.5 credit)

Data Analysis
(3 credit)
Overseas Training Program (1.5 credit) Operations Management
(3 credit)
Marketing Management
(3 credit)
Elective Courses by Invited Faculty
(1.5 credit each, 2-week lectures)
Decision Making
(3 credit)

Elective Courses by Invited Faculty
(1.5 credit each, 2-week lectures)

Organizational Behavior & Leadership (3 credit) Financial Management
(3 credit)
Fundamentals of Accounting (3 credit) Business Strategy
(3 credit)
English Communication
(0 credit)
Students must take 5 elective courses(7.5 credits) during summer and winter semesters in order to earn 45 credits for the degree.

Second Year

5th Semester (Spring)
Take one among Knowledge-based Community Service , Group Project and Business Case Writing
(3 credit)