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Recruit candidates for 2015 Fall Semester Full-time MBA Program!
Research-oriented Graduate School of Business.
Prepare to take a giant leap forward through Sogang MBA

International Applicant (Foreign applicants are allowed to apply for only General track.)

 Admission Schedule

Application Distribution
 A. Period:
   - Regular Admission 1st : 20 April (Mon) ~ 17:00, 15 May (Fri), 2015
   - Regular Admission 2nd : 1 June (Mon) ~ 17:00, 12 June (Fri), 2015
 B. Method: Download application form (see Required Documents)

Full-time MBA Applications

Submission of application form
 A. Period:
    - Regular Admission 1st: 20 April (Mon) ~ 17:00, 15 May (Fri), 2015
    - Regular Admission 2nd: 1 June (Mon) ~ 17:00, 12 June (Fri), 2015

 B. Venue : Sogang Business School Administrative Office (Matthew Hall 302)
 C. The mail application must arrive at the office no later than 17:00 on the closing


 Admission Process

Application Review

  *Overseas residents will have a phone interview.
  (Overseas residents are those who are living abroad, planning to stay for more
   than 1 year)

    - Regular Admission 1st : 10:30, 23 May (Sat), 2015
    - Regular Admission 2nd : 10:30, 20 June (Sat), 2015

  Successful candidates announcement
    - Regular Admission 1st : 14:00, 29 May (Fri), 2015
    - Regular Admission 2nd : 14:00, 26 June (Fri), 2015
    - Venue : Website (

    A. Date : Early in July
    B. Venue : TBA


 Qualification : The status of foreign applicants is as follows.

Foreign applicants are

those who have citizenship of foreign countries including parents.
Or, those whose parents don't have foreign citizenships must graduate elementary, middle, high school and university (or be expected to graduate from an accredited four-year college before March) in the foreign country.

* Overseas applicants who do not meet these qualification must apply for admission for Koreans.


 Required Documents

 1. Completed application form(download) with 3 photos attached and 3 extra photos(3.5 X 4.5cm)
 2. Letter of recommendation(download) from at least 1 professor or office senior etc.
     (The person who can evaluate objectively)
     * Recommendation should be written in SGSB's own form.
 3.  Diploma or a certificate of pending degree officially confirmed by the university
 4.  Official transcripts of all colleges and graduate schools attended should be original.
 5. A statement of purpose in English: an essay
(2 pages double-spaced, font size 10,using MS word processor) that enunciates the reasons why the applicant is interested in SGSB program, the applicant's life experiences and future career plans.
 6.  1 copy of passport for non-Korean citizen (the copy will be checked with the original copy.)
 7.  One copy of a Verification of Deposit (over $10,000) of the person responsible for student's expenses
Balance ($10,000). If you don't have Korean visa at the time of application, you must submit the     verification of deposit. The deposit amount of $10,000 must be maintained within the selected account for a minimum of one month.
    * If the owner of bank account is not you, we also need the official certificate of relationship.
    * If you are under a F-4 visa, you don't need to submit the Verification of Deposit.
 8.  Application fee: 100,000 won or $100 (US dollars)
    * You can remit fee to our bank account : HVBKKRSE 1006-901-269947
      / Bank Account holder name : SOGANG UNIVERSITY
    * When you make a remittance, the remittance commission is in your charge.
    * After you remit the fee to our bank account, please email to
    * If you ask for getting a refund of application fee, remittance commission will be deducted.

 9.  Signed Consent Form (Download)

* For Chinese students, besides the requirements above, we need the certificate of graduation, Household(of all family members including you), and the copy of your Identification Card. 


 ACCEPTED STUDENTS - preparing to enroll

 * Tuition fee
KRW 40,212,000 for SIMBA general track (1 year and 6 months) The cost does not include enrollment fees and summer seminar program fees.

* Housing
Dormitory: about 1,870,000 won per semester (based on 2015 Spring Semester)application for dormitory and medical certificate is needed in advance. Boarding House around the campus area : about 40,000 ~ 500,000 won per month

* SBS Scholarship System for Foreign Students
 [at the first semester]

1.  International Student Scholarship S
   : Provide 50% of tuition fee
   : Open to     
1)Candidates with English as a primary language.
2) Candidates who can demonstrate facility in English using one of the
following English proficiency test.
 (above IBT TOEFL 110, PBT TOEFL 637, CBT TOEFL 270, TEPS 850 or IELTS 8.0)

 2. International Student  Scholarship A
   : Provide 25% of tution fee
   : Open to
  1) Candidates who can demonstrate facility in English using one of the following English proficiency test.
(above IBT TOEFL 100, PBT TOEFL 600, CBT TOEFL 250, TEPS 800 or IELTS 7.5)

* To apply for International Student Scholarship S(2nd case) or A, you are supposed to submit one copy of language proficiency test scores when applying. Only the English tests you took within 2 years (from applying) are valid. At the first semester, the dean of Sogang business school decides acceptance or rejection of the scholarship by judgment.

* Official transcript of English test should be original.

[From the second semester]

SBS offers scholarship to all attending students according to their academic achievement after the first semester. Scholarship would be provided as, 50%, 25%, or deduction of tuition fee.
1) over 4.20: 50% of tuition fee
2) over 4.00 ~ under 4.20: 25% of tuition fee


 Application Distribution and Management Office

Sogang Business School Administrative Office, Matthew Hall 302
35 Baekbeom-ro (Sinsu-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-742, Korea

 TEL: +82-2-705-8172

 FAX: +82-2-715-8505

 E-mail :