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The name “Sogang” is very special. Sogang University has fostered its own reputation and value that no other university in Korea can match. The university emphasizes strenuous learning and graduates students with knowledge and intelligence to the fullest extent. Sogang alone has followed a path of academic excellence in the Korean society that tends to honor men’s background and network.

The tradition of academic excellence that Sogang has fostered is embodied in its management education. The graduate programs of Sogang Business School, founded in 1980, have been moving vigorously ahead with its vision of educating future business leaders who have high moral standards and cutting-edge management

skills. Our programs have graduated about 9,000 so far, and these alumni have been spearheading the development of the corporate, academic and public sectors.

The clearest trend of business management in the 21st century is fast globalization that calls for the necessity of fostering students who can cope aggressively with this trend. Standing in line with the trend, Sogang Business School has adopted a new educational vision to educate students to become top global business managers. In 2006, the school was designated as one of 11 professional business schools in the country by the Ministry of Education.

The school has a faculty asset that is regarded as the world’s topmost. To offer excellent business education, the school has been moving ahead with strategic alliances with top-rated international business schools; invitations of renowned international faculty members; reinforcement of academic-corporate cooperation; development of a wide variety of business courses; and expansion of case development.

The school has been offering dual degrees jointly with the University of Illinois (MS in Technology Management), University of Minnesota (MBA), University of Florida (MA in International Business), and City University of London (MS in Finance)

The global business management in the 21st century demands a new paradigm that is entirely different from the past. Unethical business management cannot survive in the new paradigm, suggesting that business managers who neglect ethical awareness would not be successful. The tradition of Sogang that emphasizes good business management principles and integrity will serve as the standard. In the years ahead, business managers who live up to global moral standards and knowledge will lead the corporate world and, thus, we invite all of you to join us.

  Prof. Min Jae Hyung
Dean of Graduate Programs
Sogang Business School